Customisable Pupil Tracking

With an easy to use interface, editable EYFS, Key Stage 1 & 2 curriculum and customisable reporting – OTrack makes pupil assessment tracking a perfect fit for your school.

We believe that schools can achieve effective pupil tracking in 3 simple steps…

  1. Tell us how you want to track
  2. We will set it up for you
  3. Track attainment and progress with ease

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Latest Offers

15% off Pupil Tracking Software

We are new to the SCHOOLS NorthEast community and to celebrate this new relationship, we are offering 15% off the cost of OTrack for all schools in the network.

Simply book a demo and quote NorthEast15 to get 15% off the prices that you can see on our website.


Kerr Mackie Primary School

We have received exemplary service from OTrack. People on the helpdesk and email have been extremely helpful - always polite and prompt with actions. The service has been excellent. The free consultancy we have received is most impressive: he has been punctual, helpful and so professional and knowledgeable. His guidance and advice has made us feel, as a school, that we are getting exactly what we want from OTrack.


Focus Academy Trust

At the touch of a button, I have access to live data across the eleven academies. I can access it live rather than contacting the academy and possibly encountering a delay.


Case Studies