Inspire Me


What is Inspire Me?

Inspire Me is a social enterprise passionate about supporting children to fulfil their potential.  We work in partnership with primary and secondary schools.

What do we do?

We help children who may not be engaging with mainstream education and who may require a different approach. 

We work with children who are making more wrong choices than right choices in school or those who may have confidence or self esteem issues.

Our model is about building trust and positive rapport with children.  We deliver bespoke inclusion programmes for children within the school environment.  Our unique approach helps children to improve their attitude towards learning and improve their behaviour in a safe and nurturing environment.

Social Action Project

The children come up with an idea that will help people in their community and our trained staff will help them to make that an idea into reality by using our links to businesses and other key organisations.

Whilst they are undertaking the project, we help the children to develop 12 key skills in areas such as communication, solving problems, coping with stress and tension and settling disagreements.


The impact on the children we have worked with so far has been significant.  Feedback from all of the schools we work in partnership has been very positive. Schools have informed us that:

·       There has been a positive increase in attendance

·       Improvements in attitudes towards learning

·       There has been a change in the children’s mindsets

·       Improvements in behaviour

·       A feeling of positivity and having a can-do attitude


For queries please contact:

Shah Amin, Managing Director


Mobile: 07496997246



Improvement of their behaviour in school

“We are very proud to work in partnership with Inspire Me, a new social enterprise which was launched in South Tyneside. I am very proud of the students who have completed the Inspire Me personal development programme. The students have not only developed important skills such as communication and team work skills but there has also been an improvement of their behaviour in school and they are now showing a real can-do attitude.”

Claire Mullane, Head Teacher, Mortimer Community College



A calmer approach to solving behaviour problems

‘’The Inspire Me team bring unique focused approach that engages all of the children. Small group sessions enable the Inspire Me team to develop the childrens responsibilitiy for their behavoiurs and learning through such approaches as restoractive justice conversations. The impact so far is that the children are proud of their work in the sessions and have a calmer approach to solving behaviour problems’’.

- Jane Cunningham,

Head Teacher, Sea View Primary School


Homelessness issues young people face

“We really enjoyed working with pupils of Mortimer Community College and Shah from Inspire Me. It was a great opportunity for Depaul to create awareness of the homelessness issues young people face within South Tyneside and nationally through an interactive informal session. We also really appreciate the hard work and effort put in by the young people regarding their project which saw them collect two generous boxes of non-perishable food items and create an amazing poster to raise awareness.

Erin Parker, Senior Project Worker from Depaul