Audiopi Ltd

A brand new resource using the power of audio

Audiopi is a brand new audio educational resource designed to aid schools, teachers, students and to encourage parent involvement.

By creating series of audio tutorials for GCSE and A Level students which are directly aligned to the curriculum being studied, and that can be accessed by teachers, students and parents through a simple login on their phone or computer, we aim to provide an educational resource that helps throughout the period of a course and ultimately leads to exam success.

Each of our series is made up of an average of 15-25 tutorials lasting 8-10 minutes each.

Combining Academic Rigour with Best Teaching Practices

For our tutorials to be successful they not only have cover the topics being studied but they also have to academic rigour and truly engage the user. That is why we have handpicked our writers, from passionate teachers, exam board examiners and university subject specialists, to ensure a unique blend of academic insight combined with teaching experience.

Our writers come from far and wide, including academics the Universities of Durham, Oxford, Cambridge, Lancaster, London Kent and Exeter, teachers from leading state and independent schools and examiners from the exam boards.

And of course, we want our tutorials to be fun, engaging and informative, so we use professional actors to record them and they are filled with sound effects, music and real time recordings to really bring them alive.

In short, we want our listeners to be inspired by what they listen to.

Easy to access, whenever and whenever

The medium of audio is incredibly flexible, enabling the tutorials to be listened to whenever and wherever a user wants. Furthermore, they can be listened to as many times as a user wishes or needs to.

This opens up many possibilities; teachers can set listening to them as homework, play them at the beginning of a class to provoke a discussion or for personal use to gain additional insights; students can use them to help prepare for classes, as a resource for homework and as a revision tool (our series come with exam technique help).

Enabling Parental Involvement

We all know that parental involvement in their children’s education is a tremendous asset. However, there are few parents who have the time to trawl through a textbook or are an expert on a particular subject. However, due to their short and sharp nature, parents and students can listen to the tutorials together, whether on the way back from school in the car or at home on a tablet or PC, provoking discussion and learning simultaneously. It is a real chance for parents to engage in their children’s studies.

Our Series

We currently cover English Literature GCSE, History GCSE and History A level and Physics GCSE.

Shortly we will also have Combined Science GCSE, Chemistry GCSE, Biology GCSE, Religious Studies GCSE, Computer Sciences GCSE, Physics A level and English Literature A level.


Latest Offers

Free Trial

We are offering a no commitment 14 day free trial to schools for their teachers and students to have access across all our tutorials. Just visit our Contact Page and put in "Schools Northeast Free Trial" in our message box and we will get in touch.

Free Trial Offer for a brand new resource

Audiopi is offering a free trial to 50 schools to access all their audio tutorials.

Audiopi creates audio educational resources which are completely aligned to the curriculum and written by a combination of academics, exam board examiners and teachers. Currently there are 500 tutorials across:

• English Literature GCSE
• History A Level
• History GCSE
• Physics GCSE

Have a look, see what is available and listen to some of our free, introductory tutorials.

Your school will receive:

• Access to 500 audio tutorials free of charge
• Access to some of the finest teachers and academics
• Tutorials which can be used inside and outside the classroom, as a homework tool etc
• No complex set up – we do all the hard work and will grant your school, teachers and students access via a simple login
• The ability for you, your teachers and students to listen as many tutorials as they so wish, and as many times as required.
• No strings attached – no upfront payment and if at the end of the trial you don’t wish to continue we will discontinue your account.

Just visit our Contact Page and put in "Schools Northeast Free Trial" in our message box and we will get in touch.

Furthermore, you can also take advantage of our introductory offer for a year - £350 across all subjects, gaining access to existing and all new tutorials as and when they are released. The next series scheduled are: Combined Science GCSE, Chemistry GCSE, Biology GCSE, Religious Studies GCSE, Computer Sciences GCSE, Physics A level and English Literature A level so you will be able to access many, many more tutorials.