Case Study

Students at a St. Anthony’s Girls’ Catholic Academy Sunderland are revising for this year’s new GCSE examinations using GCSEPod

With this year’s GCSE exams set to be more challenging, students at St. Anthony’s Girls’ Catholic Academy are not leaving anything to chance.  In fact, research shows they are spending more hours revising.  The Sunderland school subscribes to GCSEPod – a series of learning and revision videos, called ‘Pods’, which students can access on their phones, tablets and PCs. Students have accessed a staggering 4,000 Pods during the examination revision period so far.

Mrs. Shepherd, Headteacher at the school, commented,  “The changes to the GCSE examinations, grading systems and indeed the way in which schools measure student progress have been well documented.  Teaching staff  have worked extremely hard to ensure that students are well equipped.   It is great to see just how many of our students are using the additional GCSEpod resources.  Our Assistant Head Teacher, Mr. Ratcliffe, has shown all KS4 students how to access these materials, and encouraged their use, helping them revise in an innovative way”.

“GCSEPod allows our students to continue their independent learning outside of school quickly and easily, using phones and mobile devices.  This means students can do short, sharp bursts of revision at a time and place to suit them.  I am delighted to see such a huge increase in the amount of information being accessed.”

GCSEPod content is used in schools up and down the country, both as a classroom teaching and homework resource, as well as an independent revision tool, which students can access on their phones and mobile devices.  Written by teachers, the content is available for use across all of the UK’s main examination boards.

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