Scrapheap Challenge

8th Jun 2017

Andrew Stogdale
Target Audience
Partner Schools

NB: This is a partner event, please contact the provider above regarding booking

Funded by UK Steel Enterprise we invite schools to send a group to the centre to
take on a 'challenge project in a day'. They begin at 9.30am with a challenge
(previously it has been to design aspects of all of a new space hotel). Their outcome is
to create a response to the challenge and present their work and rationale to a live
web video feed by 2.10pm that day. To help the children we order a huge pile of
recyclable materials from our local Scrapstore, Percy. To further aid authenticity
and develop children's confidence and experience, we invite companies to send a
member of staff to support the children in defining their response to the challenge,
creating a work plan that supports an effective team response and helping them work
through it. Schools that send a command team will live video link back to their school
once they have a plan in place so that the rest of their class can work on the project
too. In many cases some of the "work ambassadors" have taken the opportunity to
visit the school based team during the day.
Each day runs from 9.30am until 2.30pm and a fantastic lunch is provided.

If you would like anymore information please call 01642 467138 or email


Inspire 2 Learn, Normanby Road, South Bank