Kite mark for good school governance (May 2018)

17th Apr 2018

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13 April 2018

NB: This is a partner event, please contact the provider above regarding booking

School Governance: Governor Mark masterclass (3 CPD points or hours)

9.00 am - 12.30 pm

17th May 2018 - Durham

24th May 2018 - Washington

Target Group: Head Teacher, Chair of Governing Body, Governors, Clerks, Bursar, Office Manager, Human Resources

The Governors Mark award is a non-prescriptive model which measures the working practices of the governing body and their impact on school performance.  It is designed to recognise the difference governing bodies make to the school's leadership and management, the impact on school improvement and the learning outcomes for children.
The Governors Mark assessment follows the Ofsted framework and expectations on governing bodies.
The Governors Mark award also examines relationships between governors and senior staff, as well as recent developments in the Ofsted framework about preparing pupils for life in modern Britain.

This masterclass will cover the 3 strands of the Governor Mark:
1) the ethos and working practices which underpin the work of the governing body
2) the assessment framework within which the governing body works to strengthen the work of the school
3) the impact of governance, influencing achievement in the school
School Governance: Governor Mark masterclass is an essential element of governors induction and part on their ongoing CPD programme.
Masterclass Content:

-The most effective ways in which the governing body can engage all Governors in the review of the Governor Mark award

- The governance requirements stipulated by Ofsted

- How evidence sources, actions and commentary can be recorded and an action plan developed.

- The use of the links to other documents and resources

- How the governing body can benchmark its governance against the 3 strands

- How schools, that meet the required benchmark, can apply for the Governor Mark

- Effective governance action plan

Learning Objectives:

- To be aware of the 3 strands of the Governor Mark

- To know Ofsted governance requirements

- To be able to benchmark the 3 strands of the Governor Mark to your school

- To know the process of how to apply for the Governor Mark

- Being able to put an Effective governance action plan highlighting best practice and AFI within the school/Governing Body

Masterclass outcome:

- Delegates pack

- Certificate of attendance

- Complimentary chocolates/mints/sweets

- Refreshments and lunch


£175 + vat per delegate (5% discount on the overall cost for 3 or more delegates attending from the same school/Organisation)

Training venue:

17th May 2018 – Ramside Hall Hotel & Golf Club,  Ramside Hall, Carrville, Durham DH1 1TD

24th May 2018 - Holiday Inn Washington, Emerson Road, Washington, NE37 1LB

In-house events:

Please note that this event can be provided 'in-house' at your school, a consortium meeting or a Bursar training event usually at significant savings per delegate (minimum 5 delegates). You will be asked in advance if you need a particular focus for the day which will be incorporated in our proposal.


Contact Details to book:

Evelyn on 0121 622 2502 or


2018 CPD training to follow:

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July 2018 – HR Skills for Success

September 2018 – Data Protection GDPR Auditing

September 2018 – Cyber Security Awareness

October 2018 – GDPR awareness

November 2018 - GDPR for Data Protection Officers/Controllers (DPO/C)

December 2018 - 360° Online Safety Mark/Online Compass



Ramside Hall Hotel & Golf Club, Ramside Hall, Carrville, Durham DH1 1TD