IPad Creativity

27th Jun 2017

Andrew Stogdale
Target Audience
Partner Schools

NB: This is a partner event, please contact the provider above regarding booking

From basic stop motion to developing a narrative for a live classical concert, creativity days have been hugely popular over the past few years and next year sees an increase in their number. We run basic animation days and also more advanced versions for schools that are further along the journey. There is no other medium in the world that offers more opportunities for problem solving and creativity than film and multimedia and the range of solutions that students create to ensure their productions deliver is always a revelation. Each day is tailored to allow any age range to access and excel in their work and involving people who really do this sort of work for a living ensures that students engage in an authentic experience that relates to real opportunities and possibilities for them as they grow older.

This session froms from 09:30-14:30 with lunch provided.

If anymore information is needed please call 01642 467138 or email bookings@inspire2learn.org.uk.


Inspire 2 Learn, Normanby Road, South Bank